The one constant that dates back to the origins of firefighting is their involvement in the community volunteering in public safety education and participation in charity initiatives. It is through these volunteering opportunities that we want London to meet and get to know the individuals staffing your local fire hall, visiting your kid’s schools teaching fire safety and providing a highly skilled emergency service that protects the future of our city.

The London Professional Firefighters association are proud to be involved with the London Remembrance Day event. Each year our PR committee works with our membership and organizes our off-duty members to participate in the many great charity initiatives in our community. Each year the LPFFA supports our key firefighter bases charities and proudly assist with many community initiatives. Many charity events require on duty firefighters and our vehicles or the use of firehalls for the events. We are proud to partner with the City of London, London Fire Department for many successful events.

We will always remember !

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